"We were prepared to face Turkey" says Russia Captain


Russia celebrate

 Russia Coach Andrey Voronkov: 

“The match was not easy for us. Turkey is a good team. We did not have many mistakes today so that is why we won. If Russia won two years ago, this does not mean that we will be the winners. We have to concentrate on every match and more attention is given to every match to be able to make it successfully to the finals.”

Russia Captain Matias Sanchez:

 “We were prepared to the Turkish team. We did our best but it was not an easy match for us. Our problem was the new rules special concerning the service because we have strong service.”

Turkey Coach Arig Resat Coach: 

“We did not play well in the fourth and last set. We did a lot of mistakes at the end because my players are not very experienced and some players are sitting on the bench all through the national league. The Russian players play much more matches in their league than us. We are getting experience through these matches.”

Turkey Captain Yasin Aydin : 

“It was a very strong match but today we played better than yesterday and tomorrow we will try to play better to win and have a chance to proceed to the coming round. I think Russia is a very good team as they are playing in harmony training together for 4 or 5 years.”

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