We should have performed better - Turkey coach Arig

Cairo, Egypt, August 23, 2017 - Turkey and Algeria were winless coming into this last game of pool play here on Wednesday, but Turkey managed to register their first win in six sets. Here's the reaction after the game, as both sides crashed out of the 2017 FIVB Men's U23 World Championship.

Turkey coach, Resat Arig: "We are so happy to end with a victory. We should have performed better in this tournament, but the players made a lot of faults. I congratulate Algeria for their performance. In the next tournament we will come with a better team. We thank the Egyptian Volleyball Federation for the organization which was great."

Turkey captain, Yasin Aydin: "We started the tournament not so well, but we ended it with a victory. But we did not play well today. We lost two sets because of our faults as we give up easily. Our level was not our best."

Algeria coach, Salim Bouhalla: "It was difficult at first, but then we were able to control the second and third sets. Afterwards the players' performance dropped, so we lost easily."

Algeria captian, Abderaouf Hamimes: "We were happy to be able to perform well in front of Turkey. We have gained a lot of experience and I think next time we will be better."

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