We reached our target of 4th in the pool - Japan captain Oya


Cairo, Egypt, August 21, 2017 - Japan's win in six sets over Poland brought satifaction to the Asia camp while causing disappointment to the European side - though all agreed it was a great and difficult game.

Japan coach, Fumitoshi Tokunaga: "It was a very hard match as Poland were very good. They are taller than us so we concentrated more on positioning our spikes to win as much points as we could."

Japan captain Masaki Oya: "It was an exciting match and we have reached our target which is to rank 4th among Pool A teams. Poland were a very strong team and we did our job in the best way."

Poland coach, Dariusz Daskiewicz: "We are very disappointed from our performance today. We don't know what happened to us especially in the first set but we were better in the second. Japan are a very good team and they made less mistakes than us and remained more concentrated. The match was not easy for us as Japan played very well."

Poland Captain, Marcin Komenda: "It was a very hard match. Japan played very well and it was very difficult. We did our best but it was not an easy match for us. We know our coming match against Egypt is not easy but we have to win to proceed to the semis."

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