We had prepared for tough moments - Russia coach Voronkov


Russia coach Andrey Voronkov, masterming of Russia's semifinal win over Brazil.

Cairo, Egypt, August 24, 2017 - Thanks to some genious tactics by coach Voronkov, Russia edged Brazil 4-3 for a ticket to the final of the 2017 FIVB Men's U23 World Championship here on Thursday. Here's how the two coaches summed it up:

Russia coach, Andrey Voronkov: "It was a big win and we prepared our team for a match like this. These matches are hard to finish in four or five sets and I predicted that it would be long and tough. We won today thanks to our preparation to deal with the difficult moments in the game. Brazil are a very good team with a strong attack but we stopped them with strong blocking, especially after the first and second sets when we dominated the match. I don't think of tomorrow yet -most important is that today the players get some rest and prepare for the final."

Brazil coach, Giovane Gavio: "We started the game very well, but then all things changed. We had some difficulties to stop the Russian attack and at the same time we had problems to attack against their block. We had studied the Russian team and their six starting players previously in the tournament but the coach changed them and the substitutes today were very good. We also played well, but at some moments we lost concentration."

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