We expected a much harder match - Argentina coach Soto


Cairo, Egypt, August 23, 2017 - Argentina shut out China with remarkable ease in their four-set sweep here Wednesday for the 2017 FIVB Men's U23 World Championship. Here's the post-match reaction from the two sides:

Argentina coach, Camilo Soto: "I think China because they did not have anything to win or lose did not put up much of a fight. We expected it to be a hard match but it was an easy one. We won in straight sets and that is what we wanted. Now we are waiting for the Iran v. Russia match to know our position in Pool B."

Argentina captain, Gaston Fernandez: "I am very happy because we played very well and we won in straight sets and we were perfect. We have reached the semifinals and that was our target."

China coach, Ju Genyin: "We did not play well at all in this match. We are forming a new team and it is still a young team with no experience and all the teams we have played against are very experienced ones."

China captain Xu Zhensen: "It was our worst match in the tournament and we were very slow. We did not take the match seriously, so we lost."

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