We are happy to win opening match- Poland coach


Poland team celebrate the win against Cuba

  Cairo ,Egypt   18 August ,2017- After  a tough  match  Poland claimed  their first win  in the FIVB Volleyball  U 23 championship as they beat  Cuba 4-1 in Cairo  complex .

 Poland Coach Daszkiewicz daiusz

 "we are happy because we win our opening match which was very tough.  so it’s very important  to start  the competition like this,"

 There will be no change for the match of tomorrow against Brazil, we learn each other because we played three matches last week. I don’t like the new scoring system !!!".

Poland Captain Marcin Komonda:

"It was the first game in the tournament, games like this are always difficult.  I am happy because we win and that is the most important." 

Cuba coach Nicolus Ernesto :

It was good match  .this was the first match for the players with the new system of scoring. 

 I'm satisfied with the performance of the players today and I hope we play better the coming matches.

 The new scoring system is not comfortable.

 Cuba Captain Goide Arrodondo:  

"We played well  and Poland is a strong team. We made some mistakes at the first set  and we try  to comeback  and Poland had the lucky to win."

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