"We are able to qualify to the second round," says Cuba coach


Cuba become near a second round ticket

  Cairo, Egypt, August 20, 2017- Cuba overcame a resistant opponent Japan after a thrilling encounter 4-2 in Hall 1 of Cairo Stadium Complex 

Cuba Coach Adrian Eduardo Goide:

 “The match was not easy for us. Japan played very well. We did some changes to make up for the draw against Japan .I think we will be able to make it for the second round.”

Cuba Captain Nicolas Ernosto: 

“It was a very hard match. Japan played very well and it was a very difficult match. We did our best but it was not an easy match for us.”

Japan Coach Fumitoshi Tokunaga:

 “It was a cross game. It was one of our difficult games. The Cuban players were more powerful and they were also taller so it was much easier for them.”

Japan Captain Masakioya: 

“Cuba were a very strong team and we tried to do our work but the Cubans were more experienced. We will do our best tomorrow to be able to proceed.”

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